Friday, August 24, 2007

Watch It Episode #52

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High School Musical 2 sets records, Celebrity Apprentice, Amnesia, Return of American Gladiators, Kid Nation controversy, Anchorwoman gone, 24 casts the first husband, Fox previews K-Ville and Prison Break, and more...

Americas Got Talent, The Two Coreys, The Colbert Report...

-Listener feedback
-Big Brother 2-minute recap

- Top TV guest appearances

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goodstuffhere said...

if you like prison break then you will love this. its the most searched thing on wikipedia. It really emotional and the japanese version is more adult orienated so mind the language.
Dont cry:

Devid said...

Episode 52 is very interesting the show is Great.30 Rock Episodes are also very interesting.I am watching it as i have downloaded the show.