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ya, we have been away for a while, but we are back and we have moved locations. so come on over to the new TELEVISIONOCITY site and have fun.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sutherland DUI

jack bauer makes illegal u-turns all the time with no repercussions, but keifer sutherland can't - especially when his blood alcohol level is above the legal limit as it was yesterday when he was pulled over by the cops.

it was like 1:35 in the morning and he was taken down to the hollywood police station and booked for a misdemeanor dui. he was released on $25 000 bail and his court date is oct. 16

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Chuck And Journeyman

premier week has officially begun on nbc and monday night (last night) we got two new show premiers: Chuck and Jouneyman.

Chuck: i was looking forward to this one and it was exactly what i expected. it was funny and quick and had some action all in a nice fun package. i really want to see where this one goes however. i'm hoping for an interesting through story for the series, as opposed to the more episodic type stuff where each episode is its own individual thing and the grand story arc isn't as important (ala CSI). from what i could tell from the pilot, i think that the through story could be there.

Journeyman: this one, however, looks to be episodic which is disappointing. i wasn't looking forward to this show at all. some guy takes trips back in time, and there is an ex-love-of-his-life, blah, blah blah!! it sounded corny and didn't interest me.

then i watched it and as it was coming to an end i had changed my mind. the relationship thing wasn't corny and he spent a bunch of his time dealing with this other guys life that he had changed on his first trip back.

then it ended and he had done what he had had to do in that guys life (make sure he didn't kill his family so that his son could become a boy genius doctor and safe a bunch of lives) and that was it for that story line. the way it ended they make it seem like each episode will involve him going back and effecting some change or fixing something so that things can work out well in the future. hmmmmmmm, can you say Quantum Leap?????

Quantum Leap was a great show, and yes it was very episodic in that pretty much each episode could be watched without having seen the one previous, but they were interesting and focused on the fixing of the past. at Journeyman it seems like they can't decide what they are doing. there is what seems to be a through story about the ex-lover (and the fact that she might not have actually been killed in a plane crash is an interesting development) and i expect they will get into how, and why, he is doing the time travel thing. however, because of all that, the actual fixing the past part felt very superficial and to easily accomplished. there was no drama or real conflict there.

now, they can also go the route of making the grand story arc the focus and the each-episode-travel-fixes secondary. they just have to pick one, because they don't look like they can have both. but, i like to give shows a chance, so it will remained tivo'd for at least a couple more episodes and we shall see how it develops.

Jimmy, Don't Go!!!

that was the cry that rang out among the 39 other kids as 8-year-old jimmy decided to leave bonanza city after just 4 days on cbs's Kid Nation.

ya, i know this thing premiered last week and the second episode is tomorrow, but i just got to it yesterday and wanted to just say a few things about it.

i was actually really looking forward to this one. something about the survivor-meets-lord of the flies concept appealed to me. and what do i think after just one episode? i kind of enjoyed it. the kids are great (well, at least some of them are) and i found myself trying to see what i would have done if i had been on such a show back when i was between 8-14 years old.

the personalities and characters are interesting and whoever was doing the casting over at cbs should get a pat on the back. its also funny how even with all the divisions and personality clashing, at least so far they seem to be better at getting along and working things out then grown ups are on their reality shows.

i would have loved for it to be real hardcore, with no adult host and really just let them try to organize themselves and create systems and such, without the show providing the lead. but that might be a little too lord of the flies and not very doable with kids of that age. however, barring that, i am looking forward to see how the whole class system plays out and how that leads to conflict among groups.

on a side note: i can't remember all their names, but there was that one instant where that big kid actually physically shoved that michael kid (one of the town council). i am surprised that the big kid didn't get kicked off the show for that. i am pretty sure that there are strict rules about any kind of physical violence towards other players on all the other reality shows and i would have assumed the same here. - i'm not saying that i think he should have been (as long as he doesn't make a habit of it), but i was just curious about any rules regarding that kind of thing.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Survivor China Episode 1

watchin' and commentin'

- caroline (the blond waitress from new york)
- the complete ignorance and disrespect she had for the buddhist welcome ceremony was sad
- if she can't control that attitude and those obviously miss-i'm-so-superiour-to-you faces she keeps making then she is going to get her cute little ass kicked off pretty quick.

i mean, haven't these people seen the show before? you don't alienate yourself from the group like that. and come on: we all know the odds are you are going to have to go to your camp wearing only the clothes on your back (that means wear a bra and don't wear 20 pound boots or high heels). and speaking of things you don't do...

- mr. i'm-going-to-be-the-leader-but-subtly. that is a very fine line to walk my friend, and we will see how that goes for him

- james (the gravedigger)
- this guy seems great. honest and genuine and quiet and built like a frickin' brick house. he seems like he might be a little to trusting, but he also seems aware that the whole strategy/socializing part is what he needs to work on, and being aware of that is a big plus for him.

they are giving out flint already. crappy. i still think they should make them have to go without filnt for at least a week if not more. make then have to make their own fire. its possible to do so stop making it so easy for them.

see ya chicken

Back To You

frasier, i mean kelsey grammer, is back on tv and after 20 years or so he is finally playing a different character (besides those great side show bob episodes on The Simpsons).

last night fox premiered Back To You, starring kelsey and Everybody Loves Raymond wife patricia heaton. i actually don't have that much to say about it besides, 'it was okay'. there were some funny laugh out loud moments, and the supporting cast seems funny - especially the great fred willard. it is a solid sitcom without standing out as anything great - unlike the three sitcoms the two stars have worked on before: Cheers, Everybody Loves Raymond and Frasier. now those were three great comedies.

for now i'm gonna keep it on the good 'ol tivo, but i wasn't particularly drawn in by the storyline, and unless things change it looks like it might turn into a watch-it-if-i-catch-it-and-i'm-not-watching-anything-else-but-if-
only time, and a couple more episodes, will tell.

grade: at this point B-

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

K-Ville And Prison Break

the new tv season has begun and we will be looking at it all as it unfolds over the next few weeks. but for now we have gotten started with the season premier Prison Break and the seriese premier of K-Ville - both on fox on monday nights.

i have been a fan of Prison Break during its first two seasons and was looking forward to the new season, and the premier didn't disappoint.

michael scofield found himself in a panamanian prison at the end of last season and that is where he starts this one - along with some other recognizable characters. and as we find out by the end of the episode, he has been put there in order to help someone escape. SWEET!!!

Prison Break isn't known for its brilliant dialogue or depth of character. it is a cool, fun, exciting show that hooks you and doesn't let go and the season opener lived up to expectations. sure there are some generic characters in the prison and predictable story developments, but that is all moot. the show is fast and intense and i am looking forward to a good season.

as for K-Ville, i wasn't as impressed. the show has some action and such, but the detective/'mystery' part of the show was really not that interesting. what i liked was the characters and the dealing with a post-katrina new orleans and how the city is still so far from what it once was even these years later.

its easy for us to go about our lives and forget about it now that the telethons are over and it isn't in the news all the time, but the people that it effected are still dealing with the repercussions and will be for probably a lot longer.

pilots aren't always the best way to judge a show, so i will keep it on my tivo for now and see where it goes.

Prison Break
grade: B+

grade: B- (but could go up or down and will be adjusted after i check out a few more episodes)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Last Comic Standings Worst Season Ever

i've posted about Last Comic Standing a fair bit over the last month or two, but i wanted to just say that this has been the worst season ever. now, let me also just say that it is still lone of my favorite reality shows since i love stand-up comedy. however, compared to previous seasons this one ranks the lowest.

first off they truncated the show and had fewer challenge rounds then usual. but, most important was the fact that the comedians weren't as good this season. especially the ones we ended up with in the last few.

i thought they left some really funny people out of the top 20 - i can't think of their names right now, but there were a few that should have been in the top 10 that didn't make it - but moving on from there, my faves in the top 10 were: doug benson (great timing and delivery), that short british guy and amy shumer (although by the end she seemed to be running a little short on material. but she has only been doing this for about 4 years) - ralph harris had one very funny night and then one not so funny night. gerry dee is good and has some quality material also, but then last night he got kicked off and now we are left with jon reep and lavell crawford.

these guys are ok, but not top-2 material. and it really showed last night when they were down to their last bits (since they have been using their best stuff in previous challenges and routines). reep had a few good lines with the snoring thing, but it wasn't great and lavell felt like he had just run out of steam. lavell has had some great lines and bits in the show, but sometimes his stuff feels like he is making it up on the spot and it isn't great. i have no problem with a big fat guy making big fat guy jokes, but at least bring something new to it or take a witty angle on it. and sometimes he does and i was cracking up, but lots of lavell's stuff is so well tread we have heard things like it before and we can finish the joke before he does.

maybe we have been spoiled in the past with some really good comics like: john heffron, anton boldon, gary gullman... now those guys are funny and do some smart, quality stand-up.

anyway, like i have said in previous posts, there have been some very funny episodes this season, but these last 4 with just the stand-up and eliminations have been pretty average.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Grand Slam Finale

holy crap!!!! they just finished round 2 (the numbers and logic round) and wow this is a great match so far. only 3 seconds separate them and did you see how many questions they are answering even once their clocks get under 10 seconds left?

- jennings and ogis are both great, but i can't see jennings losing now that he made it through the math round and kept it so close. also, with that new current knowledge round he shoudl be able to gain some time since that is not really ogis' best subject (although he probably devised some sort of brain function to help him with that stuff)...

- and i was right on. round three went to jennings big time with him banking 48 seconds. that was huge

- and it's over folk - ken jennings is the Grand Slam champ and deservedly so.

- it would have been fun if it had been closer going into the final round, but three of the first four rounds were really close and it was a good match overall.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Haim Is A Pain

i started watching a&e's The Two Coreys just for the heck of it. i am not a huge fans of the coreys, and actually was never even a big fan of The Lost Boys. but the premise sounded fun enough and so i checked it out. and here is what i have learned...

- corey feldman has a super hot wife. i mean, did you see that episode when she was posing for those photos for the magazine? ans she also seems smart and sweet and pretty understanding and patient (to put of with haim living there)... so, well done feldman.

- as for haim. this guy is an inconsiderate, immature baby. i know he has been through a lot of shit and i know that must have been hard, but this guy only cares about one person... himself. the way he talks to feldmans wife is crazy, and for feldman to have put up with it as long as he did was something else and shows how much he cares for haim and feels that their long friendship means a lot. i felt bad for feldman having to be in the middle of his wife and his best friend - anyone who has been in that position knows it sucks and that it is a really hard position to be in.

- obviously these impressions come from about 6 30-minute episodes edited down from hundreds of hours of footage. and of course a&e is going to try and take the 'best' stuff that works for the characters they are creating and the stories they are telling. but still.... haim just does not come off well at all.

maybe now that it has been announced that they are both going to be in Lost Boys 2 haim will start to feel a little better about himself and start to grow up and realize that he isn't the only one with problems in the world.

They Changed Clothes

you might remember a few weeks back when i mentioned that dennis miller and amanda byram hadn't changed their outfits during the episodes for all 2 weeks of the first round matches.

i also mentioned that i thought that they might change clothes for the second round matches which would have been filmed on a subsequent day. well i was right. they did. and based on the previews of the third round matches it looks like they changed them again for those.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Watch It Episode #52

the 'WATCH IT' podcast is the most fun you can have listening to two people talk about television.

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High School Musical 2 sets records, Celebrity Apprentice, Amnesia, Return of American Gladiators, Kid Nation controversy, Anchorwoman gone, 24 casts the first husband, Fox previews K-Ville and Prison Break, and more...

Americas Got Talent, The Two Coreys, The Colbert Report...

-Listener feedback
-Big Brother 2-minute recap

- Top TV guest appearances

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Speed Laughing

i just watched last weeks episode of Last Comic Standing and, ya i know it aired like 5 days ago and unless you go online you won't be able to see it, but, damn that was some funny shit.

the challenge this week was speed laughing. each comedian had 1-minute in a booth with a person and they had to make them laugh. then at the end the booth people would pick who they liked best.

so here's the kicker though. the comedians thought they were getting hot Deal Or No Deal chicks, but three of the girls were secretly switched out for a drag queen, a nun and twinkie the clown. - let the comedy ensue, and ensue it did. not only were some of their 'routines' funny, but their reactions and interview jokes about the situation were hysterical as well.

i'm pretty sure the ratings for the show have been going down since season one, but for anyone who likes comedy and stand-up comedy this is still a very funny hour of tv and its too bad they have had to rush it like they have (only 3 or 4 competition weeks and two people going home each episode rather then one)

also: congrats to amy shumer for winning the challenge. she is so good at thinking on her feet and being funny. her and matt are both the newest to stand-up compared to the many years the others have been doing it, but they are both funny and doing more then just holding their own. they are standing out.

also: whats up with that head-to-head competition result? i thought it had to be either doug benson or matt kirshen that was going to win. ralph harris is a funny guy, and he so deserved to win his last head-to-head, but his set this week wasn't as good as the other two. matt and doug both had superior sets this week (doug has a great stage presence and delivery) that was a very surprising audience result.

Watch It Episode #51

the 'WATCH IT' podcast is the most fun you can have listening to two people talk about television.

a fun and informative (sometimes more so than others) audio podcast discussing television shows, news, opinions and whatever else comes up in the course of our humorous, combative and fun to listen to conversations...

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Merv Griffin dies, Mantegna joins Criminal Minds, The Daily Show goes to Iraq, Flight Of The Conchords and Entourage renewed, John From Cincinnati canceled, The Bachelor calls off engagement, Nothing But The Truth, and more...

America's Got Talent, LA Ink...

- Big Brother 2-minute update
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

$500 000 Worth Of The Truth

ok, i know i should be appalled by this, but i find it very intriguing, albeit mostly in a guilty-pleasure type way.

fox has just gotten themselves the u.s. rights to the huge columbian tv hit, Nothing But The Truth. wait, you haven't heard how the game works yet. this is the best part.

- contestants are hooked up to a lie detector and asked 21 questions. if they answer all 21 questions truthfully (according to the lie detector) then they walk away with $500 000. it might sound easy, but the questions do get more and more personal and delicate as they go along. it might start off with a question like 'do you like your mother in law' and eventually get to 'have you ever cheated on your spouse?'

and of course the contestants family will be in the audience with cameras catching every reaction.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

John From Cincinnati Cancelled

crap!!! hbo has announced that they have cancelled the very good John From Cincinnati after one season. this sucks... not only was it a good show, but it had been getting better as the season has progressed.

this isn't the first time david milch (the brilliant creator of the show) has had a show cancelled by hbo. he was also the man behind Deadwood - at least that show made it through season three

i know they are getting desperate for another big, marquee-type show with the end of The Sopranos and before that Six Feet Under and Sex And the City before that. and with other networks like showtime and fx on their heels with some high-quality programming of their own. however, that doesn't make it all better.

anyway, i guess there isn't much more to say here beyond my disappointment with hbo

Nine And Prosperity Gone Again

The Nine and Knights Of Prosperity were two of the best new shows to premier last season and they were also two of the quickest cancelled due to poor ratings (come on people, we need to support quality tv).

anyway, abc decided to bring them both back recently and burn off the remaining episodes they had left, but after a couple airings they have decided to even cut that short and both are now done for good (until dvd i assume).

this is disappointing of course, as it was great to see 'Knights' back if only for a short time, although it was frustrating to be laughing so much and knowing that it was already over and not coming back next season.

add to those two shows, Daybreak and The Black Donnelleys and you had a season of some really good shows that the networks got rid of way to fast. it makes me sad.

let's hope this upcoming season brings us some good shows that get a chance to grab an audience before the short-sighted and scared networks give it the axe.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Can't They Change Clothes?

so i was watching Grand Slam this weekend, and i still love it. however, i noticed that dennis miller and amanda byram have worn the same clothes for all four episodes so far. miller even made a joke about it on one of the last episodes.

but i was just wondering why they don't have them change outfits. sure we know that they recorded all the shows in one day (or at least the opening round episodes that have aired the last two weekends), but couldn't they give them a few minutes to change clothes.

not that is really bugs me that much. actually it doesn't really bother me at all. but, it was just something that i noticed and decided to mention.

i'm thinking that since next weekend we start the second round matches that maybe they filmed those the next day and therefor miller and bynum will have something else to wear.

we shall see.

Four Hours Of Today

do you watch the Today show every morning for three hours and when it ends feel like you need more? well, starting september 11th, more is what you are going to get. one hour more to be exact. on that date the weekdat edition of the most popular morning news show ever will expand to four hours, from its current three hour incarnation.

who is going to host that extra hour you ask? good question, and the answer is: ann curry, natalie morales and hoda kotb.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Watch It Episode #50

the 'WATCH IT' podcast is the most fun you can have listening to two people talk about television.

a fun and informative (sometimes more so then others) audio podcast discussing television shows, news, opinions and whatever else comes up in the course of our humorous, combative and fun to listen to conversations...

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Kardashian gets reality show, The new Bachelor, Buy Sopranos bricks, Burn Notice and Saving Grace renewed, Writers strike and network pick-ups, L.A. Ink does great numbers, Noth joins Sex And The City movie, Daly renewed at Last Call, and more...

Age Of Love, Grand Slam, America's Got Talent, Knights Of Prosperity, Anchorwomen...

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- top cakes
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Friday, August 10, 2007

HBO Is On The Ball, Again.

allen ball, the creator of the great Six Feet Under is returning to hbo with a new show called True Blood. according to Zap2It the series is ' based on charlaine harris' Southern Vampire novels, about a Louisiana waitress (anna paquin) who can read minds in a world where vampires and werewolves are no longer hiding out in legends, but are just as likely to be your neighbor.'

sounds kind of interesting to me, but given that it is allen ball i would be interested in it no matter what the premise. kind of like how i was all excited about John From Cincinnati because of david milch even though the outline of the show didn't sound that exciting (it's a really good show by the way).

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Daly To Stay On Nightly For At Least 2 More Years

nbc has announced that they have signed carson daly to a 2 year contract extension keeping him around through 2009.

personally i don't really watch his show Last Call much anymore. partly because since he lost weight he just looks kind of scary, like his head is too small for his body and he doesn't really fit in his suits. kind of like at the end of Beetlejuice when the guys head shrinks. but, that aside, i kind of stopped watching once he moved from new york to l.a. and the show started to look like every other late nigth talk show out there - with him sitting behind a desk and the chairs to the side for the guests, etc... when he was in new york the show had a much more laid back vibe. not to mention that the desk looks like a mini version of a real late night desk that the staff put together themselves.

anyway, congrats to him, and he is doing well in that 1:35am time slot - according to "Last Call performs better in its target adults 18-34 demographic than abc's Jimmy Kimmel Live or cbs' Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

why 2009 you ask? well, for those unaware of the late night tv goings on, that is when jay leno is stepping down and the great conan o'brien will be getting the Tonight Show gig he so richly deserves (conan is definitely the best late night guy going these days. i just hope the switch to the earlier 11:35pm time slot doesn't force him to change his show and tone down that brilliant/dumb/weird/original comedy that him and his writers produce - which is kind of what happened to letterman - who was great at the later hour - when he moved from 12:35am to 11:35pm those many years ago).

back to daly: according to what i read he has made it known that he wants o'briens spot when he leaves, but i don't think that is such a good idea. he is good where he is now, but i just don't see him having what it takes to fill o'briens spot.

supposedly nbc has recently signed jimmy fallon to a holding deal leading people to think that he was nbc's pick to replace conan. as for that one, i'm not sure again. i like fallon and i thought he was fun on SNL, but it takes more then that to be a great late night talk show host - - then again i might be biased because i am such a huge conan o'brian fan that anyone will pretty much be a major step down.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Grand Slam

i mentioned it briefly on the podcast this week (episode 49), but in case you didn't listen to the show, Grand Slam premiered this weekend on the game show network, with an episode on saturday and one on sunday. and it is great.

for those of you unfamiliar with the show. it is the trivia show of all trivia shows. importing the format over from the u.k. the show has brought together 16 of the biggest winners from various games shows (Jeopardy, Millionaire, Lingo, Win Ben Stien's Money, Tic-Tac-Dough, Weakest Link, etc...) to compete to see who is the greatest game show/trivia contestant around.

i thought the premise sounded great, but was really worried that it would end up being lame. thankfully that isn't the case. the format is great, with contestants going up against each other head-to-head in a tournament style elimination setting (i like the stage, the big screens, the standing in front of each other set-up...). but, rather then explaine how it looks and feels just check out this clip from the finals of the u.k. version from 2003 - also notice how incredible these guys are.

anyway, the first few rounds that aired this past weekend were lots of fun and yes ken jennings made it through without much of a problem.

amanda byram co-hosts the show with dennis miller. she is hot and holds her own with dennis and his millerisms. much of the time it feels like he is isn't saying much besides trying to find a way to make another arcane reference, but they are usually funny and the time spent with the hosts before getting back to the game is short and thankfully doesn't go on past its due point before we get right back to the action.

if you missed this wekends episodes, don't worry. there is still a lot of grand slammin' to go and new episodes air every saturday and sunday so just chekc it out this weekend coming up.

the pace is great, the format is good and any trivia and gameshow fan will definitely want to check out Grand Slam.

grade: A

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Watch It Episode #49

The 'WATCH IT' podcast is a fun and informative (sometimes more so then others) audio podcast discussing television shows, news, opinions and whatever else comes up in the course of our humorous, combative and fun to listen to conversations...

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NEWS: Kevin Smith directing Origins, Star Jones admits to surgery, Goldberg and The View, Fox makes fall schedule changes, Charges dropped for Dog the Bounty Hunter, and more...

SHOW TALK: Age Of Love, John From Cincinnati, America's Got Talent, Last Comic Standing, American Inventor, Grand Slam, Meadowlands, Rescue Me...

Big Brother 3-minute recap

Listener Feedback

We go over the big Emmy categories and look at the nominees and make some predictions

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

America's Actually Got Some Talent

i was busy the last few days so i didn't get to America's Got Talent till tonight but here is what i think...

i have always said i hate when the show just becomes another singing and dancing talent show rather then other talents, but...

- butterscotch and cas haley are really great. cas is just such an effortless and talented singer (and unlike piers i really liked the blues number he did) and butterscotch is just incredible the way she sings and beatboxes at the same time. it is really something good.

- terry fator is, and i agree with piers on this one, the greatest ventriloquist i have ever seen, he is so good and creative and funny and he does it all without moving his lips half the time. really great showcase of what the art of ventriloquism is all about.

- the glamazons were really good. i like these women and i think they have better voices then they got credit for from the judges. and they just put on a good show.

those are the four best without question.

besides that i thought that big fiddle playing family was pretty average (their version of the devil came down to georgia had none of the power that the real song has)... the calypso tumblers were good... the country singing guy was fine but nothing special... julienne irwin was pretty good.... sideswipe is good and talented but they just have never wowed me.

at this point i think butterscotch or terry factor should win (cas is great but the other two are more 'talents' and different)

Monday, July 30, 2007

It's Simply Over

finally the Simple Life has been canceled. i really don't have much to say about this one.

Sometimes It Actually Works

remember trista and ryan? they fell in love when trista was The Bachelorette and it actually worked. not only did they get married a year later (on tv of course), but they just had a baby.

99% of the time these dating shows lead to a momentary couplehood that ends soon after the cameras are turned off, but sometimes it actually works.

congrats to trista, ryan and little maxwell.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Watch It Episode #48: FOX Fall Preview

The 'WATCH IT' podcast is a fun and informative (sometimes more so then others) audio podcast discussing television shows, news, opinions and whatever else comes up in the course of our humorous, combative and fun to listen to conversations...

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Nicole Richie, 24 gets a female president, Simpsons guest voices, Moonlight makes lots of changes, Going from the big-budget pilot to the rest of the series, Damages premiers on FX to good numbers...

SHOW TALK: Age Of Love, Last Comic Standing, Don't Forget The Lyrics...

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Don't Forget The Great Contestant

i caught fox's Don't Forget The Lyrics for the first time tonight and i have to say, not only do i like it better then nbc's Singing Bee, but that chick teresa was a great contestant. not only could she sing and was cute, but she was just funny. - sometimes these 'wacky' contestant are just annoying, but i really enjoyed her. the producers did a good job finding this one. and she was just good at knowing the lyrics.

as for the show itself. like i said - i enjoyed it more then Singing Bee. i like the format better (which i wouldn't have thought i would given that it is a total Who Wants To Be A millionaire/Deal Or No Deal rip off). - actually, i don't think it was the format, but rather i just think i had more fun playing along with 'Lyrics' then 'Singing Bee'. also, brady is a funnier host.

its not a show i'm gonna tivo or anything, but i'll catch it again.

Kilmer Num3ers, Rapaport Earl

a little guest starring news for everyone to check out:

those of you who watched the end of My Name Is Earl last season (and you all shoudl be because it is a great show) know that Earl went to jail to protect his ex-wife. well he is going to meet michael rapaport in prison, who will have a recurring role as another of the inmates.

those who watched the end of Num3ers last season know that there was a whole thing with a mole in the agency yada, yada, yada. well, val kilmer has singed on to play a guy named mason lancer who is the mastermind behind all the events that led up to the discovery of the mole. also, like we talked about on the last podcast, that premier episode is being directed by tony scott (Top Gun, Crimson Tide, Man On Fire...).

Monday, July 23, 2007

Who Is This John From Cincinnati Guy Anyway?

that is one of the questions that is probably on most peoples minds who have had the pleasure of checking out hbo's new show John From Cincinnati. the show has already aired about, i think, seven episodes so far and i have to say i am really enjoying it.

i had high hopes for this show when i heard that one of the creators was david milch. this guy is a brilliant writer. his last project was Deadwood and he also co-created (and wrote a lot of the episodes for the first few seasons) NYPD Blue, which is one of my all-time favorite shows.

so i went in with high expectations, but not knowing what to expect since all i knew about the show was that it was about a family of surfers and a visitor who comes into their lives. it didn't sound that intriguing, but after having watched about six episodes, i can tell you that it sure is.

the characters are full and interesting and the writing is very david milch in its pace and style. and then there is this john character who is an enigma. who or what is he i don't know, but the little bit of 'science fiction' that plays into the story is perfect and doesn't seem corny or out of place - which it so easily could have.

i was going to praise the show after the first episode, but i wanted to see whee it was going before discussing it. Well after six episodes i can safely say that hbo and david milch have once again brought us an original, intelligent and intriguing show filled with great performances and high-quality writing.

Grade: A-

Don't Forget The Singing Bee

well folks, it looks like people really like watching other people try to remember the lyrics to songs. i say this because not only has nbc placed Singing Bee on its fall schedule, but fox has ordered 13 more episodes of their version of the same thing, Don't Forget The Lyrics.

when fox announced that they were going to do a 'karaoke' show similar to nbc's and air it before nbc had planned on airing theirs, nbc quickly premiered their Singing Bee a day before fox did theirs. it all reminded me of a few years back when we got Wife Swap and Trading Spouses at the same time - or if we look at movies: Armageddon/Deep Impact, Dante's Peak/Volcano, etc....

anyway, who knew that north americans love of karaoke was so strong as to be able to support to name-the-lyrics shows, but that is what has happened. who knows if fox's don't Forget The Lyrics will make it past the summer or if Singing Bee will be able to hold its own once the new fall season starts? only time will tell me friends.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

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